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  • Henan Joyshine Machinery CO., LTD.

  •  [Henan,China]
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  • Main Mark: África , Americas , Ásia , Europa , Médio Oriente , No mundo todo
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  • Descrição:Máquina do picador de carne,Lâmina de picador de carne,Picador de carne Kitchenaid
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Henan Joyshine Machinery CO., LTD.

Máquina do picador de carne

,Lâmina de picador de carne,Picador de carne Kitchenaid

Casa > Lista de Produto > Equipamento de processamento de carne > Mincer de carne > austrália kitchenaid elétrico carne máquina mincer lâmina

austrália kitchenaid elétrico carne máquina mincer lâmina

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Informação básica

Modelo: meat mincer machine

Em processamento: Fresco

Tipo: Carne de porco

Name: Meat Mincer Machine

Meat Hole Diameter: 3-29mm/customized


Function: Grinding All Kinds Of Meat

Processing: Meat Processing Machinery

Type: Automatic Electric

Material: Stainless Steel

After-sales Service Provided: Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas

Warranty: 2 Years

Model Number: JS-JRJ-32

Additional Info

Pacote: máquina de triturador de carne (CÓDIGO HS 8438500000), Usando Pacote Padrão Internacional de Exportação ou podemos embalá-lo como o seu tamanho, ou de acordo com suas solicitações. )

produtividade: 89/mouth


transporte: Ocean,Land,Air

Lugar de origem: Henan, China (continente)

Habilidade da fonte: 1800/year

porta: Shanghai,Tianjin,Guangzhou

Descrição do produto

austrália kitchenaid elétrico carne máquina mincer lâmina

Descrição do Produto

A descrição de máquina de carne picadora

Meat grinder is to process all kinds of meats into different meat particles in order t0 be sufficiently mixed with other adjuvants.
 2   Meat grinder for the series of products; work by rotating the cutting edge of the hole and the hole on the blade formed by cutting the role of cutting the raw meat, and the screw extrusion force.
 3   According to materials and processing requirements of the different configuration of the corresponding tools and orifice, you can process the particles of different sizes to meet the next process requirements of the process.
 4   Widely used in a variety of sausages, ham, luncheon meat, balls, salty flavor, pet food and other meat products and other industries.
 5   All kinds of frozen meat, fresh meat, chicken skeleton, duck skeleton, pigskin, cowhide, chicken skin, fish, fruits, vegetables and so on.
 6   Mian have A feeding mechanism, a cutting mechanism and a driving mechanism and other mechanisms.
 7   Feeding mechanism, including Hopper, Auger and Pattern tube, its effect is to transport the material forward to the cutting mechanism, and at the front end of the material extrusion.
 8   Cutting mechanism including Meat extrusion sample, Cutter and Cover screw, its effect is to squeeze into the template hole in the material to be cut.There are a variety of template hole specifications, according to different process requirements at any time to unscrew the cap to replace.
 9  Driving mechanism including Motor, Pulley, Reducer and Machine`s frame and so on.

Meat Mincer 01

características do produto

As características da máquina picadora de carne

 1   The use of high-quality (cast iron) or stainless steel, the processing of materials without pollution, in line with food hygiene standards.
 2   Tool with a special heat treatment, superior wear resistance, long service life.
 3   The machine is simple in operation, easy to dismantle and assemble, easy to clean and process a wide range of products, and can maintain its original various nutrients well after processing, and preservation effect is good.
 4   Tool can be adjusted and replaced according to actual use requirements.
 5   All kinds of frozen meat, fresh meat, chicken skeleton, duck skeleton, pigskin, cowhide, chicken skin, fish, fruits, vegetables and so on.
 6   This machine has the advantages of energy-saving and durable, convenient and quick, with a compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy operation, high efficiency, low power consumption, easy cleaning and maintenance, safety and health advantages.
 7   The use of fully enclosed gear drive, compact structure, smooth operation, reliable, and maintenance convenience.
 8   Meat grinder head and contact with food parts are made of high-grade stainless steel, Safe and pollution - free;
 9   Chassis lines smooth, no cracks can be hidden and no harm to the sharp edges of the operator, easy to clean.

Meat Mincer 02

Parâmetro técnico

O parâmetro de máquina de carne picadora


Power (kw)

Voltage (v)

Capacity (kg/h)

Inlet diameter (mm)

Discharge diameter (mm)

Meat hole board diameter (mm)

Hole board thickness (mm)

Meat hole diameter


Weight (kg)

Size (mm)

























Meat Mincer 04

Uso e Manutenção

O uso e manutenção de máquina de picadora de carne

 1   When it is working, the first boot after the discharge, due to the gravity of the material and the rotation of the screw feeder, the material continuously sent to the cutter mouth to be chopped. Since the pitch of the screw feeder is smaller than that of the front, the diameter of the screw shaft is larger than that of the front, so that a certain pressing force is exerted on the material, which forces the chopped meat out of the hole .
 2   For the production of canned luncheon meat, the need for coarse coarse fat and thin need to twist to replace the grid plate way to achieve the coarse twist and fine twist to be. Grid plate has several different specifications of the hole, usually with a diameter of 8-10 mm thick, fine twisted diameter of 3-5 mm hole. Coarse and fine twisted grid plate, its thickness is 10-12 mm ordinary steel. As the coarse reaming diameter is larger, the nesting is easier, so the speed of the screw feeder can be faster than the fine twist, but the maximum does not exceed 400 r / min. Generally in the 200-400 r / min. Because the total area of the hole on the blanket is fixed, the discharge quantity is fixed. When the feed screw speed is too fast, the material is blocked near the cutter, causing a sudden increase in load and bad influence on the motor.
 3   Cutter blade edge is transferred along the cutter installation. Cutting tools made of steel, sharp knife-edge requirements, the use of a period of time, the blade blunt, then replace the new blade or re-grinding, otherwise it will affect the cutting efficiency, and even some materials are not chopped after discharge, Extrusion, grinding into a slurry discharge, a direct impact on product quality, according to some plant research, luncheon meat can be a serious quality fat precipitation accident, often associated with this reason.
 4   Assembly or exchange reamer, be sure to fasten the nut tightened in order to ensure that the grid does not move.
 5   Otherwise the movement of the grating and reamer rotation between the relative movement, will also cause the role of the material grinding. Reamer must be closely attached with the grid plate, or will affect the cutting efficiency.
 6   Spiral feeder in the machine wall rotation, to prevent the spiral surface and the machine wall collided, if slightly collided, immediately damage the machine. But their gap can not be too large, too General Assembly affect the feed efficiency and extrusion pressure, and even the material back from the gap, so this part of the processing and installation of the higher requirements.
 7   Each time you use the meat grinder, simply rinse it. In general, the meat mincing machine in the last time after use are cleaned in time, before use, cleaning, mainly washed away the dust inside and outside the machine and so on. Another advantage is that the rinse before use will make meat easier to compare fluency, but also make the work after the end of the cleaning becomes more easy.
 8   Meat grinder chassis part of the normal circumstances do not need to do maintenance, mainly waterproof and protect the power cord, to avoid damage to the power cord and do a good job cleaning. Grinding meat parts daily maintenance: After use, the need to meat grinder, screw, blade orifice, etc. removed, remove the residue and then back to the original order. The purpose of doing so on the one hand to ensure that the machine and processed food hygiene, on the other hand to ensure that the demolition of meat parts flexible, easy maintenance and replacement, blade and orifice is wearing parts, the use of a period of time may need to be replaced.

Meat Mincer 05

Fotos de trabalho

As principais fotos de máquina de carne picadora

Meat Mincer 07

Meat Mincer 06

Embalagem e Envio

Nossa embalagem e transporte de máquina de carne picadora

 1  All the machines will be packed with standard export free-fumigation plywood.
 2  You can choose delivery method by Sea, Air, DHL and etc. As per different situation.

Meat Mincer 08

Informações de contato

Se você tiver alguma dúvida sobre a nossa máquina de picadora de carne , entre em contato com Julk livremente,

Meat Mincer 09

Grupo de Produto : Equipamento de processamento de carne > Mincer de carne

imagem de Produto
  • austrália kitchenaid elétrico carne máquina mincer lâmina
  • austrália kitchenaid elétrico carne máquina mincer lâmina
  • austrália kitchenaid elétrico carne máquina mincer lâmina
  • austrália kitchenaid elétrico carne máquina mincer lâmina
  • austrália kitchenaid elétrico carne máquina mincer lâmina
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